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Stuarts House Care Ltd is a unique day care service offering support to adults with
autism and related conditions.

Based in a rural environment that inspires hope and facilitates empowerment.

Promoting mental, and physical health, independence, and social inclusion

Improving opportunities, and life chances

Strengthening communication with family, friends, and others

Protecting human rights, in relation to our service users social needs

What We Do

We use an outcomes-focused personalised approach, based on the Hampshire Disability Day Opportunities Model (HDDOM)
Adult with autism doing weekly shopping

Developing the life skills we all use on a day-to-day basis, through one to one classroom sessions, and practical sessions around the farm, and community.

Adult with autism doing volunteer work and lifting logs

Work opportunities, including paid, voluntary and sheltered employment. Community integration, and building social relationships.

Adult with autism in the community activities such as playing pool

Developing the confidence in social situations through a wide range of activities.

Adult with autism learning to prepare meals

Residential supported living situated in the village of Bartley, within a 5 minute walk from our Day Care Service.

As parents we are thrilled to have found Stuarts House Care for our son. The staff really understand autism and have skills not just to to care for him but to actively move him forward in life. They quickly worked out his strengths and what motivates him, using that they really moved him forward and he simply loves going. The staff are prompt, reliable and genuinely committed and thrilled to see those in their care develop.


We are very happy with the care given to our son at Stuarts House Care. The staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring. Our son loves engaging with and looking after the various animals on the farm and taking part in activities and trips. He finds it hard to be comfortable away from home but has really settled in such a great environment.


Before we found Stuarts House Care, Morgan had no purpose for life. Amanda and her team have worked fantastic with Morgan and he loves life to the full now and can not wait to go every day. We do not know what situation we would be in now if it wasn’t for Stuarts House Care.


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