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A typical day at Stuarts House Care

Adult with autism usngwhite board in applied behavioural analysis (aba) in New Forest, Bartley

On arrival students are encouraged to participate and structure their day ahead using a visual communication system similar to that used in special needs schools, therefore familiar. There’s a mixture of tasks, breaks and leisure choices. Each board is personalised and has a built in visual student chosen motivation reward system, where students receive tokens towards their chosen reward.

Adult with autism making up horse feeds

Activities include for example, daily tasks around the farm, community work experience (New Forest litter picking), going to the local gym, cinema, theatre, shopping, community local pubs, restaurants, visiting friends and much more.

Adults with autism relaxing in hot tub

Students are encouraged to spend time with their peers, taking part in group activities such as long walks, sharing meals, community outings and relaxing in the hot tub.

Adult with autism doing ABA lesson

After assessment we develop personal individual programs where skills are enhanced or targeted, developing personalised learning goals aimed at improving independence and confidence. Academic core subjects reading, writing, arithmetic, are taught or enhanced and taken forward to enable us to incrementally teach and build important functional skills in all areas for example money management, and telling the time.

Adult wityh autism going hme from day at Stuarrts House Care in the New Forest

By the end of the day, students will have completed a range of activities and and received a motivational visual or tangible reward towards their chosen goal. Our goal is for students to leave the farm feeling confident, happy and proud of what they have achieved, having been both encouraged and supported to achieve their potential.

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