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Functional Life Skills

Life skills cover all areas of our lives. We aim to enable service users to be able and confident to do what the rest of us find easy.


We encourage

  • Gym membership to facilitate social inclusion in a mainstream environment as well as improving general physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Regular appointments at hairdressers, doctors, dentist to build confidence and meeting others in the local community.

  • Being able to afford to go to a restaurant with others who have the same interests.

  • Supporting individuals through the acquisition of skills and knowledge that empower them to manage their lives in a manner that allows them to achieve a fulfilling, meaningful life thus creating a sense of belonging in their community.

Following our assessment process, we will support service users in developing identified core living skills such as the ones listed below. The list is not limited; we enable and support service users to exert choice and independence in their everyday activities through the development of their own aims and goals.

Adult with autism doing shopping


Adult with autism cooking bbq at Stuarts House Care, New Forest


Adult with autism paying for shopping


Adult with autsm learning to play poo at Stuarts House Care, New Forest


Adults with autism sitting together on a bench


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