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Equine Husbandry and Riding

Our aim is to target functional, communication and language skills through the horse, building self-esteem and confidence. Horses are well known to have a therapeutic affect on those who care for them.

Horse Husbandry

Handling, grooming, feeding, health care needs

Land Management

Knowledge and operation of equipment

Land Management

Regular clearing of pasture

Adult with autism learning horse husbandry
Adult with autism learning land management
Adult with autism clearing horse paddock

Our clients care and learn all areas of equine husbandry at Littlecott Farm.  Pinkmead Farm a fully licensed equestrian centre and British Horse Society approved establishment provide us with superb facilities for those who wish to learn to ride. 

Regular riding lessons​

Providing progressive riding opportunities

Having fun whist learning

Reward & Achievement

Adults with autism celebrating equine progress
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